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Types of Triangles by Measuring Math Worksheets | Paper

Types of Triangles by Measuring Math Worksheets | Paper

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Practice or assess classifying triangles by measuring side lengths or angles with these math worksheets. Use them for practice, review, or assessment. They only take moments to prep and make differentiation a snap. It's a great way to classify polygons!

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This geometry resource includes:

  • 15 different pages about identifying equilateral, isosceles or scalene triangles by measuring side lengths or acute, obtuse, or right triangles by measuring angles. Students need to be able to use a ruler and a protractor for some of these activities.
  • pages that can easily be used as assessments.
  • two colouring pages to use for review.
  • answer keys or suggested answers for all 15 pages.
  • Canadian/British spellings.

Ninja Note: This file is a PDF and requires printing for students to use.

This resource aligns with:

  • British Columbia Mathematics Curricular Competencies Grade 6
  • Saskatchewan Mathematics Curriculum Grade 6 SS6.3

This resource supports:

  • Alberta Mathematics Curriculum Grade 4 ©2022
  • learning about triangles.

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