Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are your products available in French? We teach primarily in English. Our French instruction is FSL, not French Immersion. If a product is in French, it will clearly state it in the product description. Otherwise, no. They are not.

2. Why are only some of your products available in this store? You have more in your Teachers Pay Teachers Store. Yes, not all of our products are available in our Shopify store yet. We are working on it, but some products require editing before they can be uploaded to Shopify.

3. Can I post a product in my Google Classroom (or similar Learning Management System)? Yes. As long as students need to log in to a secure portal, you can post activities as needed. Please remove them when students are finished. You may not post them elsewhere online.

4. Where can I find the digital version of the the product I bought? All links to digital versions are found inside the PDF file. It will usually be a whole page labelled "digital links" or will have a large image that says "click here" or "digital access."

5. I would like to make a purchase for my school, school board, or teachers. How can I do a purchase order? Please use the contact form to let us know. Include the products you are interested in. We'll get in touch and sort out the details with you.

6. Can I use your product in my university class? Please contact us directly for specific instructions and citation information.

7. Can I use your product in my student teaching? Absolutely. Tell your student teacher friends about us.

8. Can I use your products for homeschooling or one-on-one tutoring? Yes. While our products are written for a classroom setting, they can easily be adapted for single students. Tutors working with small groups of students in person can use our products.

9. Can I use your products in my online class (like Outschool or similar teaching platforms)? No. Our products cannot be resold or used commercially as a part of class in which students pay for your services. 

10. Why do some products contain links to units or bundles in your Teachers Pay Teachers store products instead of the Shopify version? Quite often we will include links within smaller sets to notify buyers about units or bundles. As more and more products are uploaded to our Shopify store, these links will change so that customers can find the same products in Shopify. You'll be notified if a product is updated.

11. How many times can I download a product? Generally, as many times as you need. When we update a product, you'll be sent a notification to download the new version.

12. Can I share this product with other teachers? Our products are designed to be used by classroom teachers with their own class. If two teachers teach the same group of the students the same subjects, that is considered one class. If one teacher teaches the same subject several times to different groups of students, that is one class. If you have teachers that like our products but do not meet that criteria, please send them to our store. 

13. Why aren't your products free? The cost of clip art, fonts, web hosting, membership fees, software, virtual assistants and time prevent us from offering all of our products for free. We have many free lessons and activities available on our website. We encourage you to talk to your administration about reimbursing the cost of any teaching materials you purchase in our store or elsewhere. Canadian citizens can deduct some teaching materials when filing their Canadian taxes. We can also accomodate school orders.

14. Why are your prices different on Teachers Pay Teachers? Our prices are the same, but they are in $USD on Teachers Pay Teachers and $CAN on Shopify. We have calculated the currency conversion based on the Bank of Canada rate on the day of upload so the prices do not fluctuate for customers.

15. Do I have to pay GST, PST, or HST? Shopify automatically makes these calculations based on your location in Canada.

16. Are your products aligned to the 2022 Alberta curriculum? We are working on it. As of April 2022, all math products are aligned to the current Program of Studies. Grade 3 Math will be realigned to the 2022 version before September 1, 2022. When sets are correctly aligned, they will be labeled in the product descriiption. We will work on Grades 4-6 as possible (assuming they begin in September 2023).