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Alberta Math Curriculum Worksheets Full Year Bundle | Paper | Grade 4

Alberta Math Curriculum Worksheets Full Year Bundle | Paper | Grade 4

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Practice or assess math outcomes for the new Alberta math curriculum for Grade 4 with these worksheets. Use them for practice, review, or assessment. They only take moments to prep and make differentiation easy peasy.

This time-saving resource includes:

  • over 700+ different pages about Grade 4 Alberta Math Curriculum concepts.
  • pages that can easily be used as assessments.
  • pages of word problems.
  • colouring pages to use for review.
  • answer keys or suggested answers for all the pages.
  • Canadian/British spellings and metric measurements.
  • SI Notation, so numbers are written with spaces between place values instead of commas. (Example: 8 000 instead of 8,000).
  • any future sets of worksheets for Grade 4 that we create. Buyers receive an email informing you of any new sets so you can download them.

The units include: 

  • Number Concepts: place value for numbers up to 1 000 000 (words, standard form, expanded form, Base 10, place value charts), comparing numbers up to 1 000 000, rounding numbers to any place value or using front-end rounding.
  • Number Operations: mental math strategies and estimation for numbers up to 10 000, adding and subtracting within 10 000, finding multiples, greatest common factors, prime and composite numbers, long multiplication of 2 or 3 digits by 1 number, division of 2 or 3-digit numbers by 1 digit with and without remainders. (Remainders are expressed as whole numbers), representing decimals to hundredths, rounding decimals to tenths and hundredths, adding and subtracting decimals to hundredths, Canadian money notation in English and French, adding and subtracting money, representing fractions, equivalent and simplifying fractions, comparing fractions with and without common denominators, comparing decimals to hundredths, percent.
  • Patterns and Algebra: solving equations using the order of operations (whole numbers only), writing expressions that include variables based on descriptions or concrete and pictorial representations (such as algebra tiles), solving for an unknown variable in equations involving different operations, solving for the value of a variable using the order of operations.
  • Statistics and Graphingreading and creating bar graphs, reading and creating line plots (also known as dot plots or abstract pictographs), reading and creating pictographs, using first and second-hand data and many-to-one correspondence.
  • Time and Measurementreading analog clocks to the minute, calculating elapsed time, calculating the area of regular and irregular polygons with metric measurements, calculating the area of regular and irregular polygons with tiling and grids, classifying and measuring angles (acute, obtuse, right and straight).
  • Geometryattributes of polygons (number of sides, congruent sides, lines of symmetry, parallel sides, number of vertices) to name them. Polygons included are triangles (classifying as equilateral, isosceles, scalene, acute, obtuse or right), quadrilaterals (parallelograms, rhombuses, rectangles, squares, trapezoids, kites), pentagons, hexagons and octagons, attributes of 3D objects (edges, vertices, apexes, faces, bases, planes of symmetry, shapes of faces) to name cones, spheres, cylinders, pyramids and prisms, congruent shapes, sides and angles in different shapes and objects. and single-event transformations including translations (slides), rotations (turns) and reflections (flips).

This set aligns with:

  • Alberta Mathematics Curriculum Grade 4 ©2022 

This set supports:

  • any Canadian Grade 4 math class. See the product descriptions of individual sets for alignment.

Where do you teach? 

We use these worksheets to help support our lessons:

Ninja Note: This file is a zip file. It contains all the math worksheet files which are PDFs. These worksheets require printing for students to use.

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