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Math Task Cards Bundle | Grade 4 and Grade 5 | Paper and Digital

Math Task Cards Bundle | Grade 4 and Grade 5 | Paper and Digital

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Practice or assess math skills with these low-prep cards that make differentiation a snap. Each set comes with 72 different cards. You can have students working on different levels at the same time in person or for online learning.

Each ready-to-use set comes with:

  • three different levels of cards for each topic, making differentiation a snap; that's at least 72 cards per set
  • instructions to prepare the paper cards (colour or ink-saving)
  • instructions to prepare the Google Slides version
  • Instructions to prepare the Google Forms version (which is self-grading)
  • instructions on a variety of ways to use the questions in your classroom
  • student answer recording pages in two formats which can be used for the paper or Google Slides versions
  • answer keys 

Current sets included (more sets will be added as we create them):

Ninja Note: Since we are Canadian, the numbers included in this product have SI notation, meaning there are no commas included in the numbers-only spaces. For example, 38 492 is used instead of 38,492. 

Ninja Note: The decimal point in this product is shown as a period (not a comma). The decimal is said as "and" when used in a number. For example, 4.65 is said as four and sixty-five hundredths.

This bundle comes with a bonus set! 

Need more practice? We have worksheets.

We use these task cards with:

This set aligns with:

  • Alberta Program of Studies Math Grade 4
  • Alberta Program of Studies Math Grade 5

          Ninja Note: This bundle is in a ZIP file. You will need to download and open the ZIP file to access the individual PDFs. To access the digital versions, you will need to open the individual PDFs and use the links in those.

          Ninja Note: This bundle is in the process of being revised to align better with Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan math outcomes.

          Have a question? Before contacting us, check our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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