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Patterns and Algebra Interactive Math Unit | Paper | Grade 4

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Stop searching for your patterns lessons. Everything you need to teach, practice, and assess patterns and expressions with variables is included in this print-and-use unit. Your planning for your patterns and relations unit is already done for you! 

Get this unit in our Year Long Math Interactive Notebook Unit Bundle!

This all-inclusive resource includes:

  • a complete lesson on how to set up, use, and assess interactive math notebooks. These are hands-on paper notebooks that your students can use all year long.
  • complete lesson plans with modifications for differentiation.
  • student templates (with differentiated options).
  • student worksheets (with various levels of difficulty so you can differentiate).
  • photographs of student examples.
  • activities to reinforce the concepts.
  • answer keys.
  • Build Your Own Unit Test: Several pages with answer keys are included with opportunities to mix and match to differentiate for all of your individual students.
  • SI Notation for Canadian teachers. Spaces are used between place values instead of commas. For example, 34 492 is used instead of 34,492.

Topics included in this unit:

  • Pictorial and concrete patterns (terms, core, repeating, increasing, decreasing, finite, infinite)
  • Number patterns: sequences: arithmetic, geometric, triangle, square, Fibonacci
  • Number patterns: charts and tables
  • Sorting numbers by attributes
  • Writing expressions with variables
  • Writing expressions from descriptions or story problems
  • Preservation of equality
  • Solving for an unknown in one or two operation equations

 This resource aligns with:

  • Alberta Mathematics Curriculum Grade 4 ©2022
  • British Columbia Mathematics Curricular Competencies Grade 4
  • Saskatchewan Mathematics Curriculum Grade 4 P4.1, P4.2

 This resource supports:

  • any Canadian Grade 3-6 math class.
  • math classes in the Yukon and Northwest Territories (though it recommended you use the province’s curriculum your territory recommends).

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    Ninja Note: This file is a PDF and requires printing for students to use.

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