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Year Long Math Interactive Math Unit Bundle | Paper | Grade 3

Year Long Math Interactive Math Unit Bundle | Paper | Grade 3

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What if you could have your entire year's worth of math unit plans already written for you? Our interactive notebook comes with everything you need to plan, teach, practice, and assess your math class. We give background information and everything you need to explicitly teach concepts for place value, money, number operations, patterns, graphing, measurement, time and geometry in your Canadian Grade 3 classroom.

This engaging resource includes:

  • instructions for how to set up, assess, and use interactive notebooks. It has a version that doesn’t require cutting and gluing if you’re worried about time.
  • complete lesson plans with all the concepts broken down. This is helpful if you need to leave lessons for substitute teachers, your math skills are a little rusty, or the government recently changed the curriculum and didn’t give you any time to learn how to teach it (shout out to Alberta teachers!)
  • student template pages. Our templates include versions that require printing, cutting, gluing, and writing as well as versions that just require printing and writing. Alternative versions are included so you can differentiate.
  • practice pages (worksheets) to help practice the concepts or to use for formative assessment.
  • proof questions that can be used for formative assessment or exit tickets.
  • games and activities to help reinforce concepts, to use for early finishers, or just for some math fun.
  • unit test pages. There are a variety of levels so it makes it easy for you to modify for your class. These pages are left plain and simple without grades or levels on them to help with student test anxiety.
  • alignment guides for Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. The list of lessons are aligned to each specific curriculum so it’s easy for teachers to know which lessons to teach and what to highlight in each lesson.
  • Canadian spellings.
  • SI Notation meaning numbers are written with a space between place value columns instead of a comma. Example 3 000 instead of 3,000.
  • metric measurements (and Imperial ones for Alberta teachers).
  • a bonus year sequencing plan.

Number Conceptsways to represent numbers: standard form, expanded form, words, base 10, place value charts, skip counting, ordering and comparing numbers, rounding numbers, estimating, simple fractions, ordering and comparing fractions (with common denominators), Canadian money (English/French notation)

Number Operations: math tools: hundreds chart, addition chart, multiplication chart, mental math strategies, addition and subtraction strategies to 1 000, estimating, simple multiplication (up to 5x5 and 10x10), simple division (from 25÷5 and 100÷10)

Statistics and Graphing: data and attributes, first and second-hand data, sorting by attributes, Venn diagrams, Carroll diagrams, tally marks, collecting data, line plots/dot plots (reading and creating), bar graphs (reading and creating), pictographs (reading and creating), probability outcomes

Patterns and Algebra: equality and inequality, missing digits: solving for an unknown number, ordinal numbers, finite and infinite patterns, describing patterns, number patterns and sequences, pattern rules and pattern cores/terms, extending patterns

Time and Measurement: time concepts, reading a calendar, writing dates, reading a clock (am/pm, 12/24 hour, English/French time), length referents millimetres, centimetres, metres (and inches, feet, yards), measuring and estimating length, mass (grams/kilograms), capacity (millilitres/litres), perimeter, area and circumference, right angles

Geometry: attributes: sides, corners, faces, edges, vertices, surfaces, polygons and two-dimensional shapes, quadrilaterals, three-dimensional objects, comparing shapes and objects, nets/skeletons, transformations

This resource aligns with:

  • Alberta Mathematics Curriculum Grade 3 ©2022
  • British Columbia Mathematics Curricular Competencies Grade 3
  • Saskatchewan Mathematics Curriculum Grade 3

This resource supports:

  • any Canadian Grade 2-5 math class.

Need a different grade level?

Where do you teach? We have worksheet sets that support this resource.

Not sure if this is the right resource for you? Download our free alignment guide.

Ninja Note: This file is a ZIP file. It contains all the PDF files that contain each unit. Buyers need to download the ZIP and extract the PDF files to a computer. This product requires printing for students to use.

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