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Simple Machines Task Cards Review | Paper and Digital

Simple Machines Task Cards Review | Paper and Digital

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Practice using knowledge simple machines with this set of task cards that are ready to use as soon as you print them or post the link. They can easily be used as a game, assessment, review, or introduction to your simple machines unit.

This resource is included in our Grade 4 Alberta Science Bundle.

This resource is part of our Simple Machines Bundle.

This versatile resource includes:

  • 24 different simple machine questions in three formats: paper, Google Slides and self-marking Google Forms.
  • instructions to use these cards as paper task cards in colour or ink-saving printer versions.
  • instructions to use these cards with Google Slides.
  • instructions to use these cards in a premade self-grading Google Forms assessment version.
  • cards that will work for the classroom or for online learning.
  • blank cards so you can make up questions to add to your set or have students make cards of their own, but they are not editable digitally.
  • student recording pages in two different formats.
  • answer key.
  • classes of levers, types of pulleys, wheels, rollers, basic drive systems (gears), levers, pulleys, inclined planes, screws, wedges, wheels, and axles.

This resource aligns with:

  • the Alberta Program of Studies Grade 4 Science (Wheels and Levers and Building Devices That Move)

This product supports science concepts from these provinces and territories:

  • Saskatchewan: FM5.1 Analyze the effects of...mechanical forces... Grade 4
  • British Columbia and Yukon Territory: Simple Machines and their Forces Grade 5
  • Northwest Territories: Pulleys and Gears Grade 4
  • Manitoba: Forces and Simple Machines Grade 5
  • any upper elementary or middle school science unit about simple machines

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