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Simple Machines Reading Passages | Paper and Digital

Simple Machines Reading Passages | Paper and Digital

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Learn everything there is to know about simple machines through these reading passages that require no more prepping than simply printing the pages or posting a link. These passages were written to replace the need for textbooks whether you are teaching in person or online.

This resource is included in our Grade 4 Alberta Science Bundle.

This resource is part of our Simple Machines Bundle.

This time-saving resource includes:

  • ten reading passages designed for Grade Four reading level (though we understand that not all students read at the exact level).
  • topics aligned to simple machines learning outcomes so you can use them throughout your unit.
  • paper and digital versions are included for each text. The digital version can be used with assistive technologies.
  • simple suggestions to use the text sets in your classroom.
  • Forces, Wheels and Rollers, Wheels and Axles, Gears, Wedges and Inclined Planes, Pulleys, Levers, Screws, Drive Systems, and Simple Machine Devices.

This resource aligns with:

  • Alberta Program of Studies Grade 4 Science (Wheels and Levers and Building Devices That Move)

This resource supports science concepts from these provinces and territories:

  • Saskatchewan: FM5.1 Analyze the effects of...mechanical forces... Grade 4
  • British Columbia and Yukon Territory: Simple Machines and their Forces Grade 5
  • Northwest Territories: Pulleys and Gears Grade 4
  • Manitoba: Forces and Simple Machines Grade 5
  • any upper elementary or middle school science unit about simple machines

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