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Metis Inspired Free Art Project | Paper

Metis Inspired Free Art Project | Paper

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This art project incorporates painting and design to create projects that bring the work of Indigenous artist Leah Dorion to life through the eyes of children while exploring and incorporating new mediums.

  • one art project that can usually be completed within a few hours from the start to the end of clean-up.
  • a complete lesson plan with step-by-step instructions with modifications to differentiate for your students (or your available supplies).
  • a project that uses art materials found in most classrooms like Tempera paint,  construction paper, and paintbrushes.
  • photographs of student examples.
  • instructions to minimize prep work and clean up.
  • art projects designed for the "not-an-art-teacher" generalist (meaning they don't require you to have a lot of specialized art skills).
  • studying the artwork of Leah Dorion. Students will create their own pieces of art to reflect the style of illustrations. Access to the books The Giving Tree: A Retelling of a Traditional Métis StoryThe Diamond Willow Walking Stick: A Traditional Metis Teaching Story About Generosity, or My First Métis Lobstick. Any of her books will work for this activity.

Ninja Note: This file is a PDF and requires printing for students to use the student pages. Teachers are not required to print the plans or photographs to use them. Instead, they can be displayed on a projector to be shared with students.

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