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Indigenous Veterans Day Collaborative Poster | Paper

Indigenous Veterans Day Collaborative Poster | Paper

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Use this collaborative poster with your class to start conversations about the contributions of Indigenous veterans before National Indigenous Veterans Day on November 8. This colouring activity takes students 10-30 minutes and just requires printing for you to use right away. 

This resource is part of our Remembrance Day BundleIt is also in our Remembrance Day Collaborative Poster Bundle and our All Our Collaborative Posters Bundle.

This collaborative activity includes:

  • directions to run the activity with your students.
  • sets in 18, 24 or 36 pieces, so you can use them with any size class.
  • simple instructions for your students so they know how their piece fits into the final poster.
  • pieces with different levels of detail so you can give the right piece to each student.
  • assembly instructions, along with tips for making the process as easy as possible.
  • follow-up activities for your early finishers or to extend learning. Students will do a small amount of research to learn more about the origins of the day, Charles "Checker" Tomkins and Henry Louis Norwest.
  • a finished poster size of approximately 46 cm x 70 cm (18” x 27”) or standard vertical poster size.

This activity supports:

  • any lesson to learn about Remembrance Day.
  • any lesson to learn about Indigenous Peoples' contributions throughout Canadian history.
  • any lesson about Canadian veterans.

Ninja Note: This resource requires the buyer to download the PDF and print the pieces before beginning the activity.

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