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Canadians in War | Remembrance Day in Canada | Paper and Digital

Canadians in War | Remembrance Day in Canada | Paper and Digital

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Take a look at how the roles of different people in Canada changed as a result of war. Ukrainians, Indigenous People, Indo-Canadians, women, children and Chinese-Canadians are examined from a Canadian perspective through a variety of reading tasks that are easy to prepare and use.

This resource is part of our Remembrance Day Bundle.

This transformational product includes:

  • a complete lesson plan to work through each of the different groups of people through scaffolded lessons.
  • instructions on how to differentiate for your groups of students without extra work or time to prepare.
  • various reading passages in a variety of formats. These are available in paper and Google Slides versions so differentiation is easy.
  • student response pages which are available in paper and Google Slides versions.
  • answer keys and suggested answers.
  • questions for discussion.
  • extension suggestions.

The reading topics are:

  • Ukrainian Internment During World War I: A listening activity regarding internment camps.
  • Indigenous People in Service During the War of 1812: A expository piece about Tecumseh during the War of 1812 and role of Indigenous People during and after the war.
  • Dear Diary: Fictional diary entries from Buk Am Singh, an Indo-Canadian fighting at the front during World War One.
  • Taking Flight: This narrative piece outlines the role of a woman who works in the Royal Canadian Air Force Women's Division during World War Two.
  • Force 136 World War 2: This fictional collection of reports have been classified until now and outline the role of Chinese Canadians working as spies during World War Two.
  • Letters Home: A child writes to his father on the front during World War One and tells him of life back home and how it has changed for him.

This product aligns with:

  • Alberta Program of Studies Social Studies Grade 5 Shaping an Identity

This product supports:

  • any lessons about Canadian involvement in wars around the world
  • any Canadian history lesson
  • learning about Remembrance Day

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