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Remembrance Day Bundle | Paper and Digital

Remembrance Day Bundle | Paper and Digital

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Combine Remembrance Day observances with social studies lessons in your upper elementary classroom with this collection of Remembrance Day activities from a Canadian perspective. Reading, writing, drama, and art activities are included along with complete lesson plans, student examples and answer keys. Lessons only take moments to prepare.

Remembrance Day Reading and Writing includes:

  • five complete lesson plans for each of the readings and supplemental activities (main idea, notetaking, summarizing, researching).
  • a Google Slides version.
  • five separate reading passages: Vimy Ridge, Afghanistan, D-Day, Flanders Fields, and One Hundred Years with Flanders Fields.
  • worksheets and comprehension questions to further understand the readings.
  • answer keys and suggested answers.
  • 5 days of writing prompts (persuasive, expository and narrative) with topics from peace to war to Remembrance Day traditions available.
  • writing papers.
  • more than a whole week of Language Arts and Social Studies integrated activities.

Canadians in War: How War Changes Us includes:

  • a complete lesson plan to work through each of the different groups of people in a scaffolded approach.
  • a Google Slides version.
  • instructions on how to differentiate for your groups of students without extra work or time needed to prepare.
  • various reading passages: Ukrainian Internment During World War I, Indigenous People in Service During the War of 1812, Indo-Canadian service during World War One, the Royal Canadian Air Force Women's Division during World War Two, the role of Chinese Canadians working as spies during World War Two, and a child's perspective writing to his father on the front during World War One.
  • student response pages.
  • answer keys and suggested answers.
  • questions for discussion.
  • extension suggestions.

Remembrance Day Writing Prompts includes:

  • teacher instructions on how to use the prompts.
  • student genre reference page.
  • simple criteria for each genre.
  • three formats of prompts: full page, half page, and a Google Slides version so you can use the format that works for you (and your copy budget)
  • three prompts for each of the ten days (that's 30 prompts) that alternate between different types of writing with a Remembrance Day theme.
  • a link to a blog post with more ideas on how to use the prompts.
  • references to Remembrance Day in Canada; students may need background information about general Remembrance Day symbols or ceremonies for some of the prompts

Remembrance Day Drama Circle includes:

  • 32 cards (each one can be a "part") in colour and ink-saving versions.
  • blank cards so you can modify the set for your classroom.
  • a teacher guide (so you can read through the whole circle).
  • instructions for how to run a drama circle.
  • discussion questions to reflect on the experience.

Indigenous Veterans Day Collaborative Poster and a Remembrance Day Collaborative Poster:

  • Indigenous Veterans Poster: information about Indigenous Veterans Day observed in Canada on November 8. Details about service, marksmen, code talkers and monuments are written for elementary students.
  • Remembrance Day Poster: information about Remembrance Day and its symbols in Canada.
  • directions to run the activity with your students.
  • sets in 18, 24 or 36 pieces, so you can use them with any size class.
  • simple instructions for your students so they know how their piece fits into the final poster.
  • pieces with different levels of detail so you can give the right piece to each student.
  • assembly instructions, along with tips for making the process as easy as possible.
  • follow-up activities to extend learning about the origins of Indigenous Veterans Day on November 8, Charles "Checker" Tomkins and Henry Louis Norwest, the history of Remembrance Day.
  • finished poster sizes of approximately 46 cm x 70 cm (18” x 27”) or standard vertical poster size.

Poppy Art Project includes:

  • complete lesson plan with step-by-step instructions with modifications to differentiate for your students (or your available supplies).
  • photographs of student examples.
  • instructions to minimize prep work and clean up.
  • an art project designed for the "not-an-art-teacher" generalist.

These activities align with:

  • Alberta Program of Studies Social Studies Grade 5 Shaping an Identity

These activities support:

  • any lessons about Canadian involvement in wars around the world
  • any Canadian history lesson
  • learning about Remembrance Day
  • learning about Indigenous Veterans in Canada.

Ninja Note: To access the digital version, download the PDF and click on the link in the file.

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