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Remembrance Day Drama Circle | Paper

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This drama circle teaches students about Canada's involvement in World War One, World War Two, the Korean War and Afghanistan War. It teaches students about the sacrifices our Canadian soldiers have made to protect the rights and freedoms of Canadians. This is why Remembrance Day is so important.

This resource is part of our Remembrance Day Bundle.

This engaging activity includes:

  • 32 cards (each one can be a "part") in colour and ink-saving versions.
  • blank cards so you can modify the set for your classroom.
  • a teacher guide (so you can read through the whole circle).
  • instructions for how to run a drama circle.
  • discussion questions to reflect on the experience.
  • a link to get a free drama circle to teach students how to complete a drama circle.
  • links to Remembrance Day blog posts to help learn more.

This drama circle is designed to be done in a classroom setting, but it could be used as a presentation by a class for a school assembly in honour of Remembrance Day.

Ninja Note: As Remembrance Day is a Canadian observance, all spelling used in this package is Canadian.

This activity supports:

  • any lesson about Remembrance Day.

The cards contain a reading level for Grade 4+, so be sure you know your students well. Cards contain different amounts of text, so you can differentiate for your students.

Ninja Note: This product requires the buyer to download the PDF, print the cards, and cut them apart before beginning the activity.

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