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Remembrance Day in Canada Reading and Writing Activities | Paper and Digital

Remembrance Day in Canada Reading and Writing Activities | Paper and Digital

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Use these reading and writing lessons to check for reading comprehension, teach note taking and researching while exploring topics including Vimy Ridge, D-Day, The War in Afghanistan, and Flanders Fields from a Canadian perspective.

This resource is part of our Remembrance Day Bundle.

This reflective product includes:

  • five complete lesson plans to work through each of the readings and supplemental activities (main idea, notetaking, summarizing, researching)
  • five separate reading passages available in paper and Google Slides versions.
  • worksheets and comprehension questions to further understand the readings
  • answer keys and suggested answers
  • 5 days of writing prompts (persuasive, expository and narrative) with topics from peace to war to Remembrance Day traditions available in paper and Google Slides versions.
  • writing papers
  • more than a whole week of Language Arts and Social Studies integrated activities

There are five separate reading topics are:

  • Vimy Ridge: An expository piece about Canada's involvement in the battle at Vimy Ridge. Comprehension strategies include main idea, supporting details, jot not taking and summarizing.
  • The Best Birthday Gift Ever: A narrative about Gabriel waiting for a loved one to return from Afghanistan. Comprehension strategies include making inferences and reading beyond the text. This story also includes an "Extend Your Understanding" activity which students can further their understanding by researching specific questions related to the story.
  • In Flanders Fields: The traditional poem with comprehension skills based on poetry. This one is more challenging, but gives students a taste of poetry reading.
  • One Hundred Years With Flanders Fields: This expository piece explores the influence of In Flanders Fields since its publishing over one hundred years ago. Comprehension questions are included.
  • World War Two D-Day: This expository article outlines the decision for armed forces to attack the beach at Normandy, France. Comprehension questions are included.

This product aligns with:

  • Alberta Program of Studies Social Studies Grade 5 Shaping an Identity

This product supports:

  • learning about Remembrance Day.
  • learning about Vimy Ridge and D-Day of which Canada was part.
  • learning about Canadian history.

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