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Electricity CIrcuits Task Cards | Paper and Digital

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Review, practice or assess electrical circuits that use circuit diagrams. Students will predict the outcome of each circuit with this set of task cards that can be used in a paper format, with Google Slides, or with Google Forms. It only takes moments to prep these cards or post the link.

This product is included in our Grade 5 Alberta Science Bundle.

This product is part of our Electricity and Magnetism Bundle.

This no-prep product includes:

  • twenty-four cards in colour, ink-saving, Google Slides, or Google Forms (the forms are self-checking).
  • instructions on how to play different ways.
  • instructions to prepare the paper version.
  • instructions to prepare the Google Slides version.
  • instructions to prepare the Google Forms version.
  • two different formats of student answer recording pages.
  • answer keys.

Access to the internet is required to use the cards digitally. This activity can be done in the classroom or for online learning. 

Students should have some basic understanding of circuits and symbols used in electrical diagrams.

This product has been classroom tested with several groups of fifth-grade students. They enjoyed the challenge of creating circuits to test out the task cards.

This product aligns with:

  • the Alberta Program of Studies-Grade 5 Science (Electricity and Magnetism)

This product supports:

  • any basic electricity unit

                            Ninja Note: To access the digital version, download the PDF and use the link in that file.

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