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Thanksgiving Math Worksheets | Numbers to 10 000 | Paper | Grade 4

Thanksgiving Math Worksheets | Numbers to 10 000 | Paper | Grade 4

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Practice or assess basic Grade 4 math concepts with these math review worksheets celebrating Thanksgiving. Use them for practice, review, or assessment. They only take moments to prep and make differentiation easy peasy.

This set is available as part of our All Our Math Worksheets Bundle Grade 4. We also have bundles with just the holiday-themed math sets or sets with no holidays.

This seasonal resource includes:

  • 15 different pages about addition and subtraction (with regrouping up to 9 999), adding and subtracting decimals to the hundredths place, long multiplication (two digits by one digit) and long division (with factors and dividends up to 7 x 7 = 49), bar graphs, pictographs, concrete patterns, word problems, simple fractions, and equivalent fractions.
  • pages that can easily be used as assessments.
  • three pages of word problems.
  • a colouring page for review.
  • answer keys or suggested answers for all 15 pages.
  • Canadian/British spellings and metric measurements.
  • SI Notation, so numbers are written with spaces between place values instead of commas. (Example: 3 000 instead of 3,000).
  • details about Canadian Thanksgiving, but it is general enough for any country that celebrates.

This set aligns with:

  • Alberta Program of Studies Math Grade 4
  • British Columbia Mathematics Curricular Competencies Grade 4
  • Saskatchewan Mathematics Curriculum Grade 4

 This set supports:

  • Alberta Mathematics Curriculum ©2022 Grade 4
  • any Canadian Grade 4 math class.

Ninja Note: This file is a PDF and requires printing for students to use.

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