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Daily Writing Prompts Holiday Bundle | Paper and Digital

Daily Writing Prompts Holiday Bundle | Paper and Digital

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Help your students build writing stamina and fluency by giving them a variety of choices for writing about different holidays and celebrations. These no-prep prompts come in a variety of formats so you can use them any way you want. And no matter how you use them, they only take a moment to print or post in your online classroom. 

This quick and easy product includes:

Each set includes:

  • teacher instructions on how to use the prompts.
  • student genre reference page.
  • simple criteria for each genre.
  • three formats of prompts: full page, half page, and a Google Slides version so you can use the format that works for you (and your copy budget)
  • three prompts for each of the one hundred seventy days (that's 510 prompts) that alternate between narrative, persuasive, expository, and poetry genres. All of the prompts have a choice each day that does not require specific background information about the holiday or celebration.
  • a link to a blog post with more ideas on how to use the prompts.
  • Canadian/British and American spellings

These prompts are intended as quick writes (10-15 minutes a day) to increase fluency and interest in writing. Please see the preview to learn more.

They were tested in fourth and fifth-grade classes and work great as a start-to-the-day activity or an end-of-day wrap-up. 

Students choose which prompt they want to write about and the writing is not assessed.

    We also have monthly sets that do not include holidays:

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