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Poetry Writing Prompts | Paper and Digital

Poetry Writing Prompts | Paper and Digital

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Help your students build writing stamina and fluency by giving them a variety of choices for writing poetry. A variety of formats make it easy to prepare and use these writing prompts whether you are teaching in-person or in your online classroom.

This set is included in our Holiday Daily Writing Prompts Bundle.

This quick and easy product includes:

  • teacher instructions on how to use the prompts.
  • student genre reference page.
  • three formats of prompts: full page, half page, and a Google Slides version so you can use the format that works for you (and your copy budget)
  • three prompts for each of the ten days (that's 30 prompts) that alternate between different types of poetry. Teachers may need to teach specific types of poetry terms like haiku, couplet, rhyme, ode, elegy, onomatopoeia and alliteration. These prompts are not designed to teach specific types of poetry, but to allow students to explore poetic language in general.
  • a link to a blog post with more ideas on how to use the prompts.

Ninja Note: To access the digital version, download the PDF and click on the link in the file.

We use these prompts as quick writes (10-15 minutes a day) to increase fluency and interest in writing in our upper elementary classroom.

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