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Alberta Science Space Unit Grade 5 | Bundle | Paper and Digital

Alberta Science Space Unit Grade 5 | Bundle | Paper and Digital

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Get a unit about space and astronomical phenomena planned in minutes. This unit includes all of our resources related to space through activities, investigations, and complete lessons. Everything you need to teach the whole unit is included!

Well, you might need to look at the sky...

This unit was designed specifically for Alberta Grade 5 science teachers. It includes:

  • lesson plans with step-by-step instructions and options for modifications.
  • student pages and templates.
  • answer keys and suggested answers.
  • photos of student examples.
  • ideas for how to use this resource in the classroom, online, or a mix.
  • digital versions of all the student reading and writing pages that use Google Slides. You must download the PDF files and use the access links in the files to get your digital copies.
  • an alignment guide for Alberta Outcomes in each resource.
  • a unit plan and a list of Alberta Science outcomes to help with planning.

These resources are included in this unit:

  • Seasons and Solstices: the Earth's tilt, rotation and revolution and how this impacts the amount of daylight and the seasons in the northern and southern hemispheres; equinoxes and solstices; how solstices are celebrated by different Indigenous People in Canada.
  • Phases of the Moon: the Moon: size, composition, and interesting facts; phases of the Moon, including Indigenous names for full moons; spring tides and neap tides; information about diurnal and semi-diurnal tide cycles; uses for the tide cycles.
  • Lunar and Solar Eclipses: umbra and penumbra; lunar eclipses: total, partial and penumbral; solar eclipses: total, annular, partial, and hybrid.
  • Aurora Polaris: how auroras (aurorae) are created in the sky; the various names and reasons for names including Aurora Polaris, Aurora Borealis, Aurora Australis, Polar Lights, Southern Lights and Northern Lights; stories told by Indigenous People in Canada related to the lights.
  • Surviving Space STEM Challenges: fifteen open-ended challenges with suggestions to extend learning about how to survive in space or expand space exploration.
  • Should We Explore Space? Perspective Activities: activities to learn about how different viewpoints are formed, facts and opinions, bias, pro/con arguments; finding quotes in support of viewpoint; persuasive writing

This resource aligns with:

  • Alberta Science Curriculum © 2022 Grade 5 (new outcomes)

This resource supports:

  • any basic astronomy unit.

Do you teach science in Alberta? We have science units for you!

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