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Weather Instruments Lessons and Activities | STEM Challenge | Paper and Digital

Weather Instruments Lessons and Activities | STEM Challenge | Paper and Digital

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Challenge your students to design and build a device that measures at least two different weather phenomena. This critical thinking STEM activity is a great way to start or finish your weather unit as it takes minimal prep with lots of engagement.

This resource is part of our Weather Unit, but we have better aligned resources for Alberta teachers below.

This hands-on resource includes:

  • a complete lesson plan with options to modify for your students.
  • weather instruments: rain gauge, snow gauge, thermometer, barometer, anemometer, hygrometer, wind vane and windsock.
  • weather instruments handout (with metric or customary measurements).
  • student task pages.
  • student planning pages (for individuals and groups).
  • self-assessment pages (for individuals and groups).
  • hints for marking strategies are included with examples
  • rubrics and reflection pages.
  • suggestions for creating devices.
  • short quiz with answer key.
  • a digital version of all the student pages that use Google Slides. You must download the PDF file and use the access link in the file to get your digital copy. To be clear, this is a hands-on activity. Only the instructions and information pages can be used digitally.
  • an alignment guide for Alberta Outcomes.

These lessons align with:

  • Alberta Science Curriculum © 2022 Grade 5 (new outcomes)

These lessons support:

  • any unit about weather.

Do you teach science in Alberta? We have science units for you!

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