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Natural Resources Lessons and Activities | Paper and Digital

Natural Resources Lessons and Activities | Paper and Digital

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Engage your students in learning all about natural resources and how they help us in our daily lives. No more searching for lessons and activities because this comes with everything you need to teach, engage and assess your students over a few weeks.

This engaging product includes:

  • complete lesson plans with modifications for differentiation
  • instructions on how to teach each strategy along with modifications for all learning styles (inductive learning and jigsaw learning).
  • a Google Slides version for most of the activities.
  • a variety of activities to develop an understanding of natural resources.
  • lesson on renewable and non-renewable resources.
  • lesson on the importance of balancing resources with sustainability and the environment.
  • student pages.
  • answer keys and suggested answers.
  • photographs of student examples.
  • an art project to wrap up learning and use creative thinking to show what has been learned.
  • a persuasive writing activity.
  • natural resources found in Alberta and Canada.

If you teach in Alberta, be aware this resource was written for the old Social Studies Program of Studies. It has not been reviewed or adjusted for the new Alberta social studies curriculum which is being piloted in the 2024-25 school year. To learn about how we plan to address the changes, visit our site

This unit aligns with:

  • the Alberta Program of Studies for Grade 4 or Grade 5 Social Studies

Ninja Note: To access the digital version, download the PDF and use the link in that file.

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