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Alberta Grade 4 Social Studies Bundle | Paper and Digital

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Are you wasting your planning time looking for resources for your Alberta Social Studies class? We've already written many lesson plans and engaging activities that don't require more than printing them out. Your prep and planning is done!

We have taken great care to make sure we provide engaging activities to build student skills while teaching as much history and geography as possible. Bring your social studies lessons to life!

All of these products are aligned to the GRADE FOUR Alberta Program of Studies. We have bundled them together for our Alberta Teachers ♥. Before purchasing this bundle, please review the products to see if it's right for you.

Many of the lessons include digital versions, but our activities are meant to be hands-on and encourage conversations. 

Topics addressed in this bundle:

Types of activities:

  • reading.
  • researching.
  • drama circles.
  • project-based learning.
  • scavenger hunts.
  • mapping (reading, creating, and interpreting).
  • historical thinking.
  • creative thinking.
  • geographical thinking.
  • fact and opinion.
  • persuasive writing and communicating.

We also have a Grade 5 Bundle. Some of the products are the same as the Grade 4 Bundle, so please review both products carefully before making your purchase.

This product aligns with:

  • Alberta Program of Studies Grade 4 Social Studies

This product supports:

  • Canadian social studies classes.

As new products are created, they will be added to this bundle, but you only have to buy once for a lifetime of updates.

    Ninja Note: This file is a ZIP file. It contains all the PDF files that contain each unit. Buyers need to download the ZIP and extract the PDF files to a computer. This product requires printing for students to use.

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