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Lunar New Year Activity Bundle | Paper and Digital

Lunar New Year Activity Bundle | Paper and Digital

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Learn about the different customs and traditions during Lunar New Year including the similarities and differences between Chinese New Year, Korean New Year and Vietnamese New Year. These activities focus on reading, writing, listening and colouring.

There are FIVE resources in this bundle. This resource is all about Chinese New Year, Korean New Year (Seollal), and Vietnamese New Year (Tết Nguyên Đán).

Lunar New Year Reading and Writing Language Arts Activities:

  • nine reading passages that explore the customs and traditions related to Chinese New Year (Spring Festival), Korean New Year (Seollal) and Vietnamese New Year (Tết Nguyên Đán) in a variety of expository styles.
  • a Google Slides version for most of the activities so students can work in class or online.
  • complete lesson plans to work through each of the readings and supplemental activities with teacher-annotated versions of all the reading passages.
  • suggestions to modify for your students.
  • suggested answers.
  • student pages with photographs of examples.
  • a variety of graphic organizers to help you differentiate for your students
  • 5 days of writing prompts (persuasive, expository and narrative) with topics about different traditions. These are different prompts than the writing prompts set.
  • assessment activity with a simple marking guide.
  • extension activities.
  • suggested book list.
  • resources list.

Lunar New Year Drama Circle:

  • directions on how to run a drama circle.
  • a teacher quick guide.
  • a set of 40 cards (in colour and ink-saving versions).
  • a set of discussion questions to do after the drama activity.
  • a variety of reading difficulties and amounts of text on the cards so you can differentiate easily for your students.
  • a few blank cards if you need to change the language on a card.
  • the approximate reading level is shown in the preview.

Lunar New Year Logic Puzzles:

  • ten Lunar New Year's themed logic puzzles.
  • paper and Google Slides versions. The Google Slides version includes loose text which can be read by assistive technology.
  • hints to help students complete them.
  • answer keys.
  • instructions on how to use these puzzles in your classroom.
  • Canadian and American spellings.

Lunar New Year Writing Prompts:

  • teacher instructions on how to use the prompts.
  • student genre reference page.
  • simple criteria for each genre.
  • three formats of prompts: full page, half page, and a Google Slides version so you can use the format that works for you (and your copy budget)
  • three prompts for each of the ten days (that's 30 prompts) that alternate between different types of writing with a Lunar New Year theme. Students do not need to know everything about Lunar New Year. Each slide has at least one prompt that can be completed with no knowledge of Lunar New Year. Prompts included traditions from Chinese New Year, Korean New Year (Seollal) and Vietnamese New Year (Tết Nguyên Đán).
  • a link to a blog post with more ideas on how to use the prompts.

Lunar New Year Collaborative Poster:

  • directions to run the activity with your students.
  • sets in 18, 24 or 36 pieces, so you can use them with any size class.
  • simple instructions for your students so they know how their piece fits into the final poster.
  • pieces with different levels of detail so you can give the right piece to each student.
  • assembly instructions, along with tips for making the process as easy as possible.
  • follow-up activities for your early finishers. Students will compare the different traditions celebrated by various cultures during Lunar New Year. Suggested answers are included, but students may need access to books or the Internet to learn more.
  • a finished poster size of approximately 46 cm x 70 cm (18” x 27”) or standard vertical poster size.
  • an example of the completed poster is included in the preview.

Ninja Note: This resource is a ZIP file with PDF files which can be printed or used to access the digital version. 

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