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Lunar New Year Drama Circle | Paper

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Learn about Lunar New Year including the different traditions for Chinese New Year, Korean New Year Seollal and Vietnamese New Year Tết Nguyên Đán. It only takes moments to prepare the activity which takes students about half an hour to an hour to complete.

This engaging activity includes:

  • directions for how to run a drama circle.
  • a teacher quick guide.
  • a set of 40 cards (in colour and ink-saving).
  • a set of discussion questions to do after the activity to enhance comprehension and engagement.

    This activity supports:

    • any lesson about lunar new year or traditions of a variety of cultures.

    The cards contain a reading level for Grade 4+, so be sure you know your students well. Cards contain different amounts of text, so you can differentiate for your students.

    Ninja Note: This product requires the buyer to download the PDF, print the cards, and cut them apart before beginning the activity.

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