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Free Life-Self-Esteem Lesson | Health and Wellness Lesson | Paper and Digital

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Practice or assess self-esteem concepts with this health and wellness activity that is part of our health and wellness units. Students will examine media and how it impacts self-esteem. This lesson is designed to be quick and easy with no extra prep for you.

This lesson is part of our Health and Wellness Full Year Bundle.

This easy to use product includes:

  • a complete lesson plan with modifications for differentiation.
  • a Google Slides version for the reading and writing activities.
  • student pages and templates with differentiated options.
  • examples of student work.
  • student-appropriate scenarios for role-playing and discussions.
  • variety of activities including group work, writing, colouring, and collaborating.
  • background information for teachers.
  • opportunities to extend the lesson.

This lesson is a sample from our Wellness Choices Unit.

This lesson aligns with:

  • Alberta Physical Education and Wellness Curriculum ©2022 Grade 4.
  • Alberta Physical Education and Wellness Curriculum ©2022 Grade 5.
  • Alberta Physical Education and Wellness Curriculum ©2022 Grade 6.

This set supports:

  • British Columbia Physical and Health Curricular Competencies Grade 4.
  • British Columbia Physical and Health Curricular Competencies Grade 5.
  • British Columbia Physical and Health Curricular Competencies Grade 6.
  • Saskatchewan  Health Education Curriculum Grade 4.
  • Saskatchewan Health Education Curriculum Grade 5.
  • Saskatchewan Health Education Curriculum Grade 6.
  • any self-esteem, self-image and self-concept lesson.

Ninja Note: This file is a PDF and requires printing for students to use and to access the digital version.

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