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Positive Relationships, Anti-Bullying, Kindness and Friendship | Health and Wellness Unit | Paper and Digital | Grades 1 to 3

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These no-prep lessons help students learn about fostering positive relationships as friends and peers to help prevent bullying and respond effectively to conflicts. There is an emphasis on kindness and learning communication skills. Lessons are designed to be quick and easy with no extra prep for you.

This unit is part of our Health and Wellness Full Year Bundle.

This easy-to-use resource includes:

  • complete lesson plans with modifications for differentiation that don't take extra time for you to prepare.
  • variety of activities including group work, writing, colouring and collaborating.
  • background information for sensitive conversations.
  • a digital version that uses Google Slides for the reading and writing activities. It contains loose text that can be read by your assistive technology to help support your students.
  • student pages and templates in a variety of formats to make differentiation easy.
  • project to help prevent bullying (perfect for a school-wide initiative)
  • answer keys and suggested answers.
  • student-appropriate scenarios for role-playing and discussions.
  • photographs of student examples.
  • lesson alignment guide for Alberta teachers.
  • Canadian spellings for all the activities.

This unit aligns with:

  • Alberta Physical Education and Wellness Curriculum ©2022 Grade 1
  • Alberta Physical Education and Wellness Curriculum ©2022 Grade 2
  • Alberta Physical Education and Wellness Curriculum ©2022 Grade 3
  • British Columbia Physical and Health Curricular Competencies Grade 1
  • British Columbia Physical and Health Curricular Competencies Grade 2
  • British Columbia Physical and Health Curricular Competencies Grade 3
  • Saskatchewan Health Education Curriculum Grade 1
  • Saskatchewan Health Education Curriculum Grade 2
  • Saskatchewan Health Education Curriculum Grade 3

This unit supports:

  • British Columbia Physical and Health Curricular Competencies Grade 1 to 3
  • Ontario Health Curriculum.
  • any bullying prevention lessons.
  • any health class.

Ninja Note: To access the digital version, download the PDF and click on the link in that file once it is downloaded to your computer. The link may not work properly if you are in preview mode.

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