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Online Safety and Digital Citizenship | Health and Wellness Unit | Paper and Digital

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Teach your students how to protect themselves while working online. Topics include passwords, usernames, fake news, copyright, scams, phishing, hardware, and software in a positive and supportive atmosphere with barely any prep from you.

This unit is part of our Health and Wellness Full Year Bundle.

This hands-on resource includes:

  • seven complete lessons with modifications for reinforcement and extensions so you can differentiate for your students.
  • a digital version so most of the activities can be done with less printing or online.
  • student pages and templates.
  • photographs of student examples.
  • answer keys and suggested answers.
  • review activities for the unit.
  • opportunities for assessment.
  • a variety of teaching strategies such as writing, drawing, group work, role-playing, and collaborating.

Ninja Note: Several of these activities require access to the Internet.

These lessons are all designed to help make the internet a better place. Students are encouraged to be critical thinkers and problem-solvers throughout the activities.

This resource aligns with:

  • Alberta Physical Education and Wellness Curriculum ©2022 Grade 4
  • Alberta Physical Education and Wellness Curriculum ©2022 Grade 5
  • Alberta Physical Education and Wellness Curriculum ©2022 Grade 6

This resource supports:

  • British Columbia Physical and Health Curricular Competencies Grade 4
  • British Columbia Physical and Health Curricular Competencies Grade 5
  • British Columbia Physical and Health Curricular Competencies Grade 6
  • Saskatchewan Health Education Curriculum Grade 4
  • Saskatchewan Health Education Curriculum Grade 5
  • Saskatchewan Health Education Curriculum Grade 6

      Ninja Note: To access the digital version, download the PDF and click on the link in the file.

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