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Map Quest | Map Skills Activity | Paper

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This creative mapping activity takes the map skills students have learned and wraps them into a creative project that only takes moments to prep, but gets hours of engagement. Your students will get to argue why their map is the best through a writing task, too.

Students have been hired by a map-making company to develop maps for their archives. Students will have a choice of which maps they create.

This product is part of our Grade 4 Alberta Social Studies Bundle.

This product is part of our Grade 5 Alberta Social Studies Bundle.

This engaging product includes:

  • teacher instructions for different ways this activity can be used. This is a map-making and writing activity.
  • student pages.
  • basic rubric for marking.
  • student reflection pages.
  • student awards.
  • Canadian and American spellings.

Ninja Note: This project does not specifically teach anything about maps. It will work for project-based learning or as an independent activity.

Ninja Note: This file is a PDF and requires printing for students to use the student pages.

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