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Makerspace Exploration Task Cards | Paper and Digital

Makerspace Exploration Task Cards | Paper and Digital

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This set of activities is designed to challenge your students to think outside the box to manipulate, play and experiment with materials. We use them in our science class, maker space and sometimes just for fun. They can be used with anything you have and are very open-ended to encourage divergent thinking.

This resource is part of our Maker Space Bundle.

This engaging and simple-to-use resource includes:

  • over forty open-ended tasks to encourage creativity and determination.
  • instructions to use the cards in your classroom or maker space.
  • a few blank cards so you and your students can write your own tasks. These cards are not editable digitally.
  • colour and ink-saving versions.

These cards use everyday items, toys and recycled materials to develop play and design thinking skills while working independently or in collaborative groups. We use these all year every year in our classroom maker space.

Sometimes we just need to let our students explore materials and these cards give you the flexibility to have students explore and still keep it organized.

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Ninja Note: To use the digital version, download the PDF and click on the link inside that file.

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