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Indigenous People in Canada in the Past | Research Activity | Paper and Digital

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Teach your students in this twist on the jigsaw method about how the First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people in Canada connect to the land as part of their belief system historically. Students will research the ways of life in the past and consider how they have changed over time.

This product is part of our Grade 4 Alberta Social Studies Bundle.

This product is part of our Grade 5 Alberta Social Studies Bundle.

This engaging research project includes:

  • a full lesson to help your students understand how geographical location impacts cultures both in the past and present.
  • a Google Slides version so most of the project can be done digitally.
  • a research project where students work collaboratively.
  • guiding research questions.
  • student templates.
  • student worksheets.
  • answer keys and photographs of student examples.
  • background information for teachers (with a list of sources-books and websites-for further reading or research).
  • rubric for assessment.
  • optional scavenger hunt activity.
  • comparison tasks.
  • outcome checklists for Grade 4 and 5 Social Studies according to the Alberta Program of Studies.
  • instructions on how to use this project for a combined Grade 4/5 class.
  • instructions on how to set up this project as a bulletin board.

This task aligns with:

  • the Alberta Program of Studies for Grade 4 or Grade 5 Social Studies

This task supports:

  • any lesson about the lives of Indigenous people in Canada in the past

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