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Emergency Sub Plans | Hoaxes and Ogopogos | Paper | Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6

Emergency Sub Plans | Hoaxes and Ogopogos | Paper | Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6

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What if you could write your sub plans once at the beginning of the year and then leave them until you need them? We've already written them for you! Take the stress out of writing sub plans by using ours. Everything you need is included to set them up so you can get back to important things (like taking a sick day)

This time-saving resource includes:

  • two full days of activities along with a few extra activities just in case.
  • editable pages with instructions to set up a supply teacher binder that can be used all year long.
  • a fun theme about whether or not Ogopogos (and other creatures) exist from a Canadian perspective. These plans are perfect for a Canadian classroom (Canadian spellings and measurements are included).
  • detailed instructions for your supply teacher for all the activities (so any sub should be able to follow along).
  • annotated lessons for your supply teacher so they can teach everything step by step.
  • student pages (with differentiated options).
  • instructions to modify for students.
  • answer keys or suggested answers.
  • Language Arts (reading and writing), Math, Social Studies, Gym/Physical Education, Art with options to extend.
  • lots of scientific thinking!
  • some of the activities can be enhanced with access to the Internet.

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Ninja Note: This file is a PDF. When you download it, you can add information to the pages to personalize them for your classroom. This product is meant to be completed on paper in a classroom setting. It is not designed for an online classroom.

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