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Canada Regions Project Bundle | Paper and Digital

Canada Regions Project Bundle | Paper and Digital

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This bundle includes lessons and reading passages to learn all about the geographical regions of Canada. Everything you need is included so it only takes moments to get your students working.

These products are part of our Grade 5 Alberta Social Studies Bundle.

Canada Regions Projects includes:

  • the geographical regions of Interior Plains, Arctic, Atlantic, Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Lowlands, Cordillera, and the Canadian Shield. This is based on the resources we have available in our school. Most of the activities can still work if you use different regions (except the map and the cube activity).
  • a map lesson to learn the different regions of Canada.
  • an interactive notebook template lesson to learn the different landforms for each region.
  • five different project-based learning activities for students to choose from. These projects further deepen the understanding of the regions. Students create a project and present it. Some of the projects can be done digitally.
  • suggestions for how to do project-based learning in your classroom.
  • background information about each region for the teacher.
  • assessment rubrics.
  • self-assessment opportunities for students.
  • an art project.
  • modifications to help you differentiate without spending more of your time.
  • photographs of student examples.
  • checklists for each project.
  • advice from our students.
  • the ability to pick and choose so it can work in your classroom.

Regions of Canada Reading Passages includes:

  • six reading passages designed for grade five independent reading level about each of Canada's six geographical regions.
  • text features such as bolded words, text boxes, maps, captions, photographs, tables, and charts.
  • suggestions for using the reading passages to support your social studies programs.
  • a set of cover pages for each region if you choose to make printed booklets.
  • a digital version with loose text that can be read by text-to-speech software. Download the PDF and you will find the link for the digital version on the "How to Use This Product" page. 

These activities align with:

  • the Alberta Program of Studies Grade 5 Social Studies

These activities support:

  • any unit about Canada's geographical regions

      Ninja Note: This file is a ZIP file. It contains all the PDF files that contain each unit. Buyers need to download the ZIP and extract the PDF files to a computer. To access the digital version, download the PDF and use the link in that file.

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