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Alberta Science Earth Systems Unit Grade 4 | Bundle | Paper and Digital

Alberta Science Earth Systems Unit Grade 4 | Bundle | Paper and Digital

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Get a unit about earth systems planned in minutes. This unit includes all of our resources related to the Earth's spheres, the importance of sun and water, conservation and natural resources in Alberta through activities, experiments, and complete lessons. Everything you need to teach the whole unit is included!

This unit was designed specifically for Alberta Grade 4 science teachers. It includes:

  • lesson plans with step-by-step instructions and options for modifications.
  • student pages and templates.
  • answer keys and suggested answers.
  • photos of student examples.
  • ideas for how to use this resource in the classroom, online, or a mix.
  • digital versions of all the student reading and writing pages that use Google Slides. You must download the PDF files and use the access links in the files to get your digital copies.
  • an alignment guide for Alberta Outcomes in each resource.
  • a unit plan and a list of Alberta Science outcomes to help with planning.

    These resources are included in this bundle:

    • Earth's Spheres Collaborative Poster: the basic characteristics of the Earth's spheres, lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere.
    • Earth's Spheres and Interactions Lessons and Activities: the sphere of Earth: lithosphere (also known as the geosphere), atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere, the lithosphere's purpose, location and properties, erosion, tectonic plates, layers of the atmosphere, salt and fresh water in the hydrosphere, review of the water cycle, biome, levels of organization in the biosphere, interactions between spheres, and interactions between humans (organisms) and the spheres.
    • Alberta's Natural Resources: natural resources and their uses, how natural resources are used for survival and economic gain, resources common to Alberta: oil, coal, natural gas, minerals, metals, wind, water and agriculture, qualitative and quantitative data, relevant and valid data, reading maps, charts, tables and graphs.
    • Conservation Practices: the definition of conservation and its importance, Indigneous-led conservation strategies, impacts of conservation of land, natural resources and organisms, protected areas, municipal parks, provincial or territorial parks, and national parks, a creative thinking activity to design a park with a conservation goal, the responsibilities of individuals, businesses, industries and government in conservation actions, qualitative and quantitative data, relevant and valid data, and designing and implementing a conservation action plan.
    • The Importance of Sunlight and Water: uses for the sun and sunlight, how sunlight impacts temperature, how the equator and poles affect sunlight, organisms that need more or less sunlight (comparing the amount of sunlight that different organisms require for survival), the importance of the Sun, uses for water, organisms that need more or less water, the importance of the water, ways to protect water, and responsibilities of different groups of people in protecting water.

    This resource aligns with:

    • Alberta Science Curriculum © 2022 Grade 4 (new outcomes)

    Do you teach science in Alberta? We have science units for you!

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