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Alberta Regions Reading Passages | Paper and Digital

Alberta Regions Reading Passages | Paper and Digital

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These reading passages were designed so students could read material about each of Alberta's regions using common text features like photographs, text boxes, maps, and glossary words. The regions included are Foothills, Grasslands, Parkland, Canadian Shield, Rocky Mountains, and Boreal Forest.

This product is part of our Grade 4 Social Studies Bundle.

It is also part of our Alberta Regions Project Bundle.

This supporting product includes:

  • six reading passages designed for grade four independent reading about each of Alberta's six geographical regions
  • text features: bolded words, text boxes, maps, captions, photographs, tables, charts
  • instructions on ways to use the read materials to support your social studies programs
  • a set of cover pages for each region for the paper version.
  • instructions on ways to use the reading passages as paper pages or digitally.

These activities align with:

  • the Alberta Program of Studies Grade 4 Social Studies

These reading passages are not given specific reading levels to any program. We have tried to make these close to a Grade 4 reading level.

    Ninja Note: To access the digital version, download the PDF and click on the link in the file.

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