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Pink Shirt Day Drama Circle | Paper

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Learn about Pink Shirt Day and its origins in Canada with this simple drama game that also works well as a reading activity. It only takes moments to prepare the cards which take students about half an hour to an hour to complete.

This engaging activity includes:

  • directions for how to run a drama circle.
  • a teacher quick guide.
  • a set of 40 cards (in colour and ink-saving).
  • a set of discussion questions to do after the activity to enhance comprehension and engagement.

     This activity supports:

    • any lesson about bullying prevention or Pink Shirt Day.

    Want to learn more about how we use drama circles in our classroom? Come read all about it on our site: How to Add Some Drama to Your Classroom

    The cards contain a reading level for Grade 4+, so be sure you know your students well. Cards contain different amounts of text, so you can differentiate for your students.

    Ninja Note: This product requires the buyer to download the PDF, print the cards, and cut them apart before beginning the activity.

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