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Personal Word Wall Book | Canadian Spellings | Paper

Personal Word Wall Book | Canadian Spellings | Paper

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Stop the "how do you spell...?" questions that stop students in their tracks with these quick print and easy-to-use personal dictionaries. You might choose to use it with specific students who always ask you how to spell something for you, or use it class-wide as part of your spelling program.

This product includes:

  • one page for each letter of the English alphabet so it works like a dictionary.
  • one digitally editable blank page so you can make specific pages for your students. This is a great way to use subject specific vocabulary.
  • common words like Days of the Week, Months, contractions, colours.
  • Canadian provincial and territorial names.

This book is perfect for:

  • older students as it's not too "cutesy."
  • English Language Learners.
  • students with special learning needs.

The spelling used in this book is Canadian/British. Lots of "u"s for you. :)

This book can be printed full size (we recommend double-sided) or in booklet form (if you have a printer/copier that supports that application).

We have created this book with interlined spaces for you to add new words or personalize your students' books.

Ninja Note: This file is a PDF and requires printing for students to use the student pages.

Have a question? Before contacting us, check our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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