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Ontario Geography Scavenger Hunt | Paper and Digital

Ontario Geography Scavenger Hunt | Paper and Digital

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Students can practice locating information quickly and efficiently by searching the province of Ontario for Canadian landmarks, cities, symbols and anything else made in Canada. This is a research activity disguised as a challenge that uses maps, atlases and globes.

This resource is available in a money-saving bundle: Canadian Geography Scavenger Hunt Bundle.

This engaging resource includes:

  • two differently formatted paper options of the scavenger hunt (full page and half page)
  • a digital version that uses Google Slides so this product can be used whether you are teaching in person or online.
  • suggested answers to get you started, but many of the questions have multiple answers. 
  • instructions for how to run the activity with a variety of options so you can differentiate in your classroom.
  • instructions for how to assemble the paper version of the booklet.
  • instructions for how to use the digital version in your Google Classroom.
  • Canadian/British spellings with the exception of French names.

 This activity only includes the student materials. You will need to provide as many of these as you have access to for the region your students are searching:

  • atlases, globes, textbooks, books, pamphlets, maps
  • and when you've used all of those, devices to go online and research the last blank spaces.

 Students can practice using text features such as:

  • indexes, lists, charts, table of contents,  glossaries map reading skills to locate, interpret and record information about Canada.

Over the years we've only ever had a few students that completed the entire booklet. This activity is not about getting an answer on every page. It's about challenging students to use their research skills. We started the project together as a class, but after the first week, we used it for early finishers, centres, and transitions.

Ninja Note: To access the digital version, download the PDF and click on the link in the file. On page 2 there is an image that says ACCESS. Click that. 

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