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Living Organisms Lesson and Activities | Digital and Paper

Living Organisms Lesson and Activities | Digital and Paper

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Help your students understand living organisms. Identify structures and their functions for survival with this lesson and activities that don't require any teacher prep.

This fun and creative lesson includes:

  • a complete lesson plan with some suggestions on how to modify the activities for your students.
  • lessons to help students learn about the structures and functions of living organisms. Both plants and animals are included.
  • a creative activity where students can show off what they have learned from the lesson and activities. It includes a teacher rubric.
  • assessment tools for students and teachers.
  • student pages in a variety of formats.
  • suggested answers and answer keys.
  • digital student pages that use Google Slides. The pages contain loose text which can be read by assistive technology software.
  • an alignment guide for Alberta Outcomes.

These lessons align with:

  • Alberta Science Curriculum © 2022 Grade 4 (new outcomes)

These lessons support:

  • any unit about living things.

Do you teach science in Alberta? We have science units for you!

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