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Homophones and Homographs Lessons and Activities | Paper and Digital

Homophones and Homographs Lessons and Activities | Paper and Digital

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Teach your students about the different types of common homonyms with this quick interactive notebook lesson, practice pages, engaging scoot game and easy-to-use activities for your whole class lesson or in your individual reading groups.

This hands-on product includes:

  • lessons and instructions on how to teach homophones and homographs to your students with some simple ways to differentiate.
  • student templates with differentiated versions.
  • worksheets to practice.
  • answer keys.
  • photographs of student examples.
  • 24 homonym task cards for practice in colour, ink-saving and a Google Slides version.
  • blank cards to add your own questions with the task cards so they can be used in the classroom or for distance learning.
  • two versions of student recording answer pages.

This product was tested with several classes of fourth and fifth grade students. Their feedback was incorporated into this package and they loved it. They even acknowledged some of the reasoning skills they had to use to figure out some of the cards.

Ninja Note: To access the digital version, download the PDF and use the link in that file.

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