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French Class Bell Ringers Bundle | Digital

French Class Bell Ringers Bundle | Digital

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Explore French and learn about some of the reasons it works the way it does with these fun and engaging sets each with fifteen quick bell ringer activities. Use them to start each French class. No prep is needed and you can even leave these activities with your non-French-speaking substitute teacher.

The name of the months has only been included to help with the organization of your sets.

Each of these no-prep products includes:

  • 15 Google Slides with simple activities to help your students learn about the French language through fun and interesting facts. Each of the 15 activities is designed to be completed in about 5 minutes over 15 different days.
  • English instructions on the slides to learn about the French language.
  • detailed instructions for how to set up your bell ringer routine or use this set in a variety of ways.
  • helpful information to use the Google Slides whether your students are in class or learning online.
  • explanations of French grammar, parts of speech, linguistics, morphology, phonetics and etymology for the teacher and in student-friendly language.
  • answer key and suggested answers.
  • two formats for the optional paper student recording pages.
  • activities that can be used in any order and any time of year. 

    This product should be used with students who can already read and write in English. This activity is not intended for French Immersion classes. While we have indicated these lessons are designed for French language learners, they will easily work with students above Grade 6. 

     These lessons were designed to align with:

    • the Alberta Program of Studies FSL for Grade 4-8

    These lessons support:

    • any upper elementary French class with students who can already read basic English.
    • French Canadian French. See note below.

    This bundle includes all of our French Class Bell Ringers: September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June and TWO bonus sets.

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    Ninja Note: This bundle is a zipped file. You will need to download the file to your computer. It contains 12 PDF files (we threw in an extra one for you). To access the digital version, open the PDF and click on the link in the file on Page 5. From there, it will make a copy in your Google Drive. Each set is its own file.

    Have a question? Before contacting us, check our Frequently Asked Questions page.


    Les textes en français de ce document sont écrits d’après les rectifications de l’orthographe recommandées par le Conseil supérieur de la langue française (Paris, 1990). Pour plus d’informations veuillez consulter le site suivant:

    The French texts in this document are written using the new French spelling recommended by the Conseil supérieur de la langue française (Paris, 1990). For more information please consult the following website:

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