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End Of Year Activity Set | Paper and Digital

End Of Year Activity Set | Paper and Digital

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Use more than twenty activities to fill the last month of school which include writing, drawing, collaborating, reflecting and summarizing skills. All of the activities are ready to go as soon as they are printed and they take anywhere from ten minutes to an hour to complete.

This year-end product includes:

  • over twenty activities to reflect on your school year (but they can be used any time of year)
  • instructions for teachers and students
  • student templates
  • digital versions for twelve of the activities (mostly writing activities)
  • photographs of student examples

Many of the activities can be turned into keepsakes you can send home with your students at the end of the year or bulletin board displays during the last month of school.

These activities can be started long before the school year ends or they can all be used during the last week of school. Some of the activities can be used at the beginning and end of the year for comparison.

Ninja Note: To access the digital version, download the PDF and use the link in that file.

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