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Division Math Task Cards | Paper and Digital | Grade 3

Division Math Task Cards | Paper and Digital | Grade 3

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Perform simple division with numbers, arrays, pictures, and symbols with these task cards. Use them for practice, review, or assessment. They only take moments to prep and make differentiation a snap.

This resource is part of our Math Task Card Bundle for Grade 3.

This versatile resource includes:

  • 3 different decks of 24 cards each. You can use multiple decks at the same time, making differentiation easy. All of the equations in this set are within 25÷5=5.
  • Deck 1: 24 cards division with numbers (symbols).
  • Deck 2: 24 cards division with arrays and pictures.
  • Deck 3: 24 cards division with mixed methods.
  • options to use the cards on paper, with Google Slides or with Google Forms.
  • instructions to prepare the paper cards (colour or ink-saving).
  • instructions to prepare the Google Slides version.
  • Instructions to prepare the Google Forms version (which is self-grading).
  • a list of ways to use the questions in your classroom.
  • different student answer recording options.
  • answer keys for all the cards.
  • Canadian/British spellings.

This set aligns with:

  • Alberta Program of Studies Math Grade 3
  • Saskatchewan N3.3e Apply and explain personal strategies for determining products and quotients.

 This set supports:

  • British Columbia Mathematics Curricular Competencies Grade 3
  • any introductory lesson or unit for learning about simple division.

Ninja Note: To access the digital version, download the PDF and click on the link in the file. It can also be used by printing the paper version.

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