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Ceremonial Plants of the Indigenous People in Canada | Paper and Digital

Ceremonial Plants of the Indigenous People in Canada | Paper and Digital

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Focus on research skills with this low-prep project that teaches reading/creating maps, reading photographs and diagrams, notetaking and synthesizing information to research sacred plants of the Indigenous People in Canada used for healing, medicine and in their special ceremonies such as smudging and prayers.

Specific instructions are included to teach each of the skills and you don't need to hunt down any resources because we've already done that!

This low prep package includes:

  • complete teacher lesson plan including possible modifications for differentiation.
  • all of the research materials come with a digital version to help cut down on printing.
  • maps showing locations the plants grow in Canada.
  • photographs of all the plants.
  • a diagram of the medicine wheel.
  • articles about each of the four sacred plants: sage, sweetgrass, Red Cedar and tobacco.
  • a variety of student templates for differentiated options.
  • student instructions for each skill and task.
  • student examples in different formats.
  • all the research materials you need (so you don't need to look for anything).

Everything you need for students to create a final project is included except for empty legal size file folders (or poster board if you prefer) for the presentation.

You can use your own paper or print our templates.

This product supports:

  • learning about Indigenous People in Canada.
  • learning about plants that are sacred to Indigenous People.
  • reading maps, reading for information and synthesizing information.

Ninja Note: To access the digital version, download the PDF and use the link in that file.

Want another quick activity to kick off this project? We have a collaborative poster.

Have a question? Before contacting us, check our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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