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Canadian Thanksgiving Reading and Writing Activities | Paper and Digital

Canadian Thanksgiving Reading and Writing Activities | Paper and Digital

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Learn the history of Thanksgiving in Canada while exploring main idea, supporting details, important/interesting, and other comprehension reading strategies as well as organizational structure for expository writing. Students will also have the chance to do some Thanksgiving themed writing and gratitude activities and all the activities only take moments to prep.

This turkey filled resource includes:

  • lesson plans and reading activities for each reading passage. Suggestions for differention are included and they don't take extra time.
  • an expository reading passage of a family's traditions at Thanksgiving.
  • a nonfiction reading passage in two different reading levels (low/high) about the origins of Canadian Thanksgiving.
  • a recipe reading passage with questions and creative writing activity.
  • 15 writing prompts with Thanksgiving themes in persuasive, expository and narrative genres.
  • additional writing activities (these are not digital, but can be easily modified) including poetry, gratitude activities and a simple hyperbole activity.
  • a turkey colouring and writing activity (not digital).
  • Thanksgiving themed writing papers.
  • student pages.
  • suggested answer keys.

Though this lesson uses Canadian spellings and features an article about the history of Canadian Thanksgiving, the reading and writing skills are general enough to be used in ANY country that wants to learn about Canadian Thanksgiving.

This resource supports:

  • learning about Canadian history.
  • learning about Canadian Thanksgiving.

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