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Back To School Activities Set | Paper

Back To School Activities Set | Paper

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Start your school year off with a bang with over thirty different activities that require little to no prep. These activities are perfect for getting to know your new students while getting them busy working on projects right away. Best of all, you can use these activities any time of year.

The hands-on activities include:

  • writing tasks and ideas.
  • classroom community building games.
  • art projects.
  • instructions for all activities and lessons with ideas for differentiation.
  • activities that support kindness and empathy in the classroom.
  • student pages and templates.
  • photographs of student examples.
  • ideas for your bulletin boards.
  • Canadian/British and American spellings.
  • metric and customary measurements.
  • no mention of September, so they can be used whenever your school year begins.

The majority of the activities take less and 5 minutes to prepare and range in 10 minutes to hours of fun to complete. 

Try one of the activities for free!

Ninja Note: This product requires the buyer to download the PDF and print the pages for students to use. This is not a digital product at this time.

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